Monique Ryan introduces herself

From Brunswiki


I’m Dr Monique Ryan, a paediatric neurologist and Independent candidate for Kooyong.

As a doctor, my job was to make hard decisions in the best interests of our children. Is it too much to ask our local member to do the same?

Kooyong deserves to be represented by someone with compassion, integrity and competence. But if we keep voting the same, we can’t expect things to change.

Josh Frydenberg’s government is ranked dead last among all developed countries on climate policy. That’s just not good enough. It’s out of touch with what Kooyong wants and what our country needs.

Josh Frydenberg’s government broke its promise to deliver a federal Integrity Commission. Kooyong deserves transparent, honest and accountable government to restore trust in our democracy.

As an Independent, I will move past petty party politics and always do what is right for our community, with honesty and courage.

  • Climate action this decade
  • A strong, innovative and clean economy
  • A Federal Integrity Commission to stamp out rorts and corruption
  • Equality, respect and safety for women
  • Humane and timely treatment of asylum seekers a poster or find out more
  • Better mental health and aged care services

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