Kooyong 22

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Brunswick News will provide a forum for candidates and electors for the 2022 election in Kooyong electorate, currently held by treasurer Frydenberg, who faces a strong challenge from Voices independents. The candidates are-

  • J. Frydenberg, Liberal party, member since ...
  • Monique Ryan, independent (Voices)


Candidates statements in the order that they are made.

Frydenberg on climate change and environment

reported by Nancy Huang/Robert Durkacz, Jan 22

Flyer distributed to households in Kooyong in Jan. Transcript here.

Monique Ryan introduces herself

Monique Ryan flyer A side

reported by Robert Durkacz, 2 Feb 22

Introductory flyer distributed to households in Kooyong in Jan/Feb 2022. Transcript here.


Australia's climate change record Robert Durkacz, 2 Feb 22


Issues, mostly factual, that are being argued about.

Australia's emissions

Depending who is talking, Australia's emission record varies from very good to very bad. link.

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