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Save Hosken Reserve

Robert Durkacz, 6 Nov 2020 link

In September 2020 the City of Moreland tendered out a project to rip up all of the grass at the north end of Hosken Reserve (Coburg North) and replace it with synthetic, fenced soccer pitches. This project has never been subject to local community consultation ... says the Merlynston Community Group.

The Story of MITS, 2016 to present day

Robert Durkacz, 6 Oct 2020 link

MITS, the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy, was a task that the Moreland council set itself for the 2016 to 2020 term. Resources were expended but in the end nothing was achieved. The principal object of MITS was parking reform. How close did we get to achieving economic and environmental benefits and what went wrong?

"Save Local Brunswick"

22 Apr 2020. Tim Read has an initiative to support local businesses dealing with the quarantine crisis. It is basically a list of businesses who are adapting to the new conditions in their own way. Hey, Brunswick News gives free advertising to any business.

Moreland Council's car parking plans make sense

Opinion, Robert Durkacz, 24 Apr 2020 link

... The question is, do our parking arrangements basically stay the same as they always were, or do they change to respond to the changes in population and housing that are underway? Some would want to stick with the first option. You park where you like. The council on the other hand ...

Moreland Council's parking proposals are unwise

Carlo Carli, Oct 27 2019 link

Intellectual debates are often captured by the one big idea, as in the current debate about car parking requirement in inner Melbourne ...


Moreland Transport Stategy (and parking)

Where all these things come together is in the Wills ALP response to Moreland council's transport strategy, with respect to car-parking regulations in particular. See this page on that subject.

The Nightingale Project

The Nightingale Project is a small housing development which could be a case in point about how the proposed policies might work or not work. The developers asked for a parking waiver from the council and then it got complicated.

Sydney Rd bikelanes

The proposal to rethink Sydney Rd.

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