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China and Australia

Hong Kong’s Democracy Confronts Its Own Pandemic Threat

Carrie Lam with facemask

by Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Foreign Affairs, 24 Apr 2020 link

For senior figures in Hong Kong’s democracy movement, April is truly the “cruelest month”—and has been for two years in a row.

Last April, the most prominent nonstudent leaders of the 2014 protest movement known as the Umbrella Movement were sent to prison. Benny Tai and Chan Kin-man, both in their 50s, were longtime advocates of nonviolent civil disobedience. Last weekend, the police arrested 15 more veterans of the uphill battle to preserve the freedoms that make Hong Kong special...

Paul Keating's speech on Australia's China policy

by Paul Keating 18 Nov 2019, published in The Guardian link

... The key question is about the United States itself: Is the United States capable of fundamental renewal? Can it overcome its debilitating political gridlock; can it regain its sense of magnanimity and mission; can it rebuild its productive base and more equitably divide its wealth? Can it renew the enthusiasm of its middle and working classes for the national story, and can it redress the growth in its budget imbalance and national debt? ...

So where does all this leave Australia?

The answer: in the deep blue sea between two great powers – the US and China. ...


Australia's moment: Our opportunity and responsibility in the Asia-Pacific region

by Peter Khalil MP, Sep 5, 2018 link

... Not enough consideration or political action at least until very recently has been given to the need for Australia to strengthen its relationship with other middle powers in our region such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam and beyond, such as Canada and France.

But in the age of Trump and Xi, when these two powers are active agents of change to the world order we have known, we are compelled to do so.


'Annexation' is a misnomer: Israel wants a safe way to hand land to Palestinians in return for peace

by Gregory Rose, Sydney Morning Herald 26 Jun 2020 link

The Israeli government is considering applying Israeli civil law jurisdiction and administration to parts of the Jordan Valley and/or certain settlement blocs. This possibility was proposed under the US Trump Administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan and agreed in the broad national coalition agreement between most of Israel’s political parties. The specific areas and timings are under internal negotiation.

There is a lot of controversy in Israel and worldwide about whether this is a wise or even legal step, as is apparent in the incandescent opinion of Ben Saul, writing in the Herald on Thursday about Israel's so-called "annexation" plans...

Discussion (Carlo Carli)

Why Australia needs to join global condemnation of Israel's annexation plans

by Ben Saul, Sydney Morning Herald 25 Jun 2020 link

As early as next week, Israel proposes to forcibly annex up to a third of the Palestinian West Bank, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it "another glorious chapter in the history of Zionism". Israel's incendiary move, paved by US President Donald Trump's "peace" plan, has provoked near-universal condemnation.

Carlo Carli on the state of Palestine in the Trump era

Brunswick ALP branch, 10 Mar 2020 link