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Brunswick News

Brunswick News is off to a slow start. If you happen onto this website, understand that is under construction and pre-release. We (one person) are basing the website on the Brunswick ALP branch website (brunswicklabor.org.au, not much longer for this world). While it contains traces of the ALP site but there is otherwise no connection with them. Except in the sense of the following paragraph.

This site is offered as a virtual local paper to Brunswick. Anyone with a constructive approach is invited to post an article here, though they should do so under their own name. The next thing is that we hope to get a conversation going among other sources of online journalism. There are a few of these potentially - the real local papers, the local branches of political parties, the council itself and in particular any independent enterprises such as the Brunswick Residents Network.

Contact us by email: Write to robert.durkacz@gmail.com