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Reply to Gregory Rose

Carlo Carli, 1 July 2020

The prohibition on the use of force to acquire territory and the repopulation of this territory is an important foundation of international law. Gregory Rose gets around this by claiming that Israel still claims sovereignty over the West Bank (since Israel has never declared a border). The rest of the world (except the USA), the UN, the EU and International Courts disagree with this legal assessment.

In the case of the occupied West Bank the annexation of occupied territory would create the swiss cheese effect of a unviable Bantustan Palestine. The Palestinians in the annexed land would be slowly forced out as is happening in Jerusalem and denied the rights of full citizenship as also happens in Jerusalem. It would essentially make Israel an apartheid state. The loss of the Jordan Valley will also deny Palestine both their food basket and a large part of their water resource.

In law Israel is making a claim of sovereignty over the West Bank but as is usual in the Zionist project forgets there is an indigenous population. In pre-1948 Israel the problem of the Palestinians was met by the removal of 770,000 people who became refugees. I don’t quite know what they intend to do with the Palestinians in the annexed land but I expect they will continue to force them out in subtle ways - again as is the practice in Jerusalem. if Israel wants to claim the West Bank then they should take the lot with its population of Palestinians. Israel won’t because the demographic of Israel will change and Jews will no longer be a substantial majority. So the alternative is to force Palestinians into Bantustans.

Currently the West Bank, which is 22% of historical Palestine, has shrunk to about 12% of living space for its Palestinian inhabitants. The rest including the fertile Jordan valley is the preserve of the Jewish settlers and the Israeli military. The West Bank like Gaza is an hermetically sealed prison. The author Gregory Rose is an israel apologist, he writes any number of articles supporting Israel’s annexations and criticises anti-Zionists including those in Israel. Annexation as proposed by Gregory Rose just highlights the lived reality for the Palestinians.

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