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This page

Sydney Rd

This page is the main page of the wiki for members, whereas the home page, is the main page of the site for visitors.

Kooyong 22

Coverage of 2022 federal election in the Kooyong electorate.


what is going on, ie traffic and parking issues, council elections

The Climate

what can we do besides nothing until the next election.

The World

Foreign Policy. Australia and the U.S., Australia and China. Israel/Palestine

World. Archive and list of articles published, linked or discussed in chronological order.

Refugees. Peter Khalil on refugees worldwide

Economics and Finance

The banks in Australia. Economic outlook.

The virus


How to use this site

Reading these pages should be self-explanatory. It is like Wikipedia; that is why it does not look like an average commercial website. It is meant for collaboration not marketing. You can also, like Wikipedia, edit pages or add new ones. Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. See also the About us page.

Logging in

There is no need to log in to read any of the Brunswick News articles. You need a personal log-in to edit pages and create new content. Personal accounts are in the user's real name and therefore any posts appear under the user's real name. So there will be no anonymous comments.

To demonstrates a few things about usage: Click on a blue coloured links to get to the relevant page (the colour changes to purple after you have visited the page). If a log-in is required you will first have to go through log-in. A red coloured link is a link to a page which does not exist yet. If you click on that it means you are ready to create the page. In the simplest case that is just a matter of typing in text.